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Birthday card for my boyfriend. We both like Game of Thrones and his emblem animal would totally be a himalayan bear, also he loves sweets really much so I changed Baratheon’s “ours is the fury” to much more adequate “ours is the chocolate” and only then I noticed that “ours” means bear in french so everything is perfect here. Also, I think I still am under influence of Grand Budapest Hotel because somehow the colours seem to be similar to the palette used in the film.

edit: I accidentally pressed “delete post” while browsing on my phone, so I reupload it, sorry.

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone:)

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Writing master thesis spoils all the joy you had reading the book you’re writing about

When I finally finish my master thesis and get the degree I am gonna part soooooo hard doing the most epic linocut everrr.

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I like the idea of taking every woman joke from the last season, and turning them into Moffat jokes.


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Illustration project. Little mermaid in how to and not to use a hair dryer.

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